“When the last tree has been killed, when the last river has been poisoned, when the last fish has been caught, only then will we realize that can not eat money”  
Jefe Seattle 1856

With the abandonment of the towns, the forgotten
traditions and the introduction of new forms of
life is lost
much of our culture, which accounts for the
historical past, present and justify which it
depends, sometimes without admit it, our future. Is there
anything as sad as a school without children, a station without passengers, a people without life and without neighbors?
The people of Ruesta was transferred to the municipality of Urriés in the early 60s. The reasons for incorporating all know, the Yesa dam construction. Ruesta remained landless, field, almost municipality, for the waters flooded the most. The stones were, drowned lives, succumbed consciences. And this should serve all permanent reminder that should never happen to a people. We must be aware that their disappearance leads to irreparable destruction of tangible heritage, cultural and sentimental… and what is worse, destroy at a stroke, forced their neighbors to find a better horizon in a way of life and historical legacy from the founders to the present day, we left.

I quote some paragraphs in the chapter on Ruesta, the renowned journalist Alfonso Zapater in his "Aragón, People to People",very interesting documentary. Yesterday was a swamp of unreason. Today and tomorrow could be any other cause that makes closing the last house in a village. Let us keep alive our people and fight for it:

"Ruesta, died for the sake of life-giving waters
holocaust of a people so that other people could
better ensure their future. The redemptive waters
of the reservoir of Yesa, in the high Zaragoza,
demanded this and many other sacrifices. Now,
Ruesta is not even the consolation of seeing
the Tiermas example, there in front, as emerging
from the reservoir crowning the hill, another
fortress town sacrificed to the common benefit.
This is what is always said.
Why do people die? Sometimes because of lack
of attention, for the delay to which they are convicted,
others at the hands of self-driven development progress.
As with the swamps and highways: Ruesta just live their dreams of village life, still standing when the towers of its ancient fortress, presiding over an empty town. Grasses and shrubs grow in the streets and squares, which invade everything. The wind blows through the holes in the doors and windows torn out by the roots.
It was an enclave in the history of Navarre and Aragon. Enclave of Navarra, -just as Petilla- 1055. Enclave later to account for our better history. Its location north of the province is particularly convenient, between the terms of Escó, Artieda, Pintano, Urriés and Undués de Lerda. There, with more than one hundred buildings,

crowding in the shadow of the castle and the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, but there is no voice of bells calling the neighborhood.
The town's oldest houses were built in the same square, opposite the church. Are exactly three buildings, dating from the fifteenth century, with arch gate braced and gothic windows on the main floor. The ennobling freestone corners, the rest is of ashlar, stone cut to death capriciously.
One imagines the life at home, happy neighbors contemplating the majesty of the landscape.
How many tears have been shed by the once born and raised in the shadow of Castle Ruesta, masters of a landscape open to all hopes and dreams? But the water came and sowed death*, when his redemptive mission and is vital to life.”

*In June 1988, the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro, ceded the use of Ruesta to a central Trade Union (CGT). This assignment is part of the policy of CHE in the recovery of the abandoned towns, victims of the construction of dams. Since that year, the recovery of part of the town with a hostel and auxiliary buildings, is palpable.

L. Meavilla 2012

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